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Rene's Painting and Decorating in Liverpool For Any Building

Revitalise your walls, ceilings, and woodwork by booking a slot with the painting and decorating professionals we work with in Liverpool! They can come to any property you like, whether it be domestic or commercial, and get your job done ASAP. Sound good to you?

Then pick up the phone and dial 020 3404 1626, click on the chat prompt in the corner of your screen, or enter your details into our booking form – you can contact us round-the-clock. You should know that during your chat with your adviser you’ll be given a preliminary cost estimate that covers all the required labour and materials for your specific service. If you want to make this quotation fixed and final you’ll need to have a technician perform a viewing at your premises.

Why Get Your Painters and Decorators in Liverpool From Rene's Team ?

  • You can speak to an expert any time! Book your expert painters and decorators in Liverpool 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • We’ll provide all the materials needed to get your job done! This includes a wide range of high-end water, solvent, and speciality paint
  • Various preparation works can be performed before your service! This covers filling in holes in your walls, sanding down your woodwork, and more
  • Enjoy an amazing discount! You’ll qualify if you combine this service with our flooring
  • We can help you on any day! Your technicians will happily assist you on a weekday, weekend, or Bank Holiday – it’s all up to you

Rene's Liverpool Painting Services – FAQs

Customers past and present have asked us these questions about our Liverpool painting services...

Q: How will you paint my woodwork?

A: Your professional will put down two layers of primer, dye, or stain followed by another three layers of paint, varnish, or oil. What’s used will depend on your particular needs. Once your service has been completed, a general clean-up will be carried out.

Q: How will you paint my walls and ceilings?

A: A primer or undercoat may be required, and if it is it will be applied first. After this, up to three coats of paint will be layered on and left to dry. Your property will then be cleaned up.

Q: How will you make sure you don’t spill paint on any of my possessions?

A: Prior to painting your team will cover your floor, remove any items on your walls or woodwork, and move furniture out of the way until the work is done.

Did you know this service can be a part of a full property refurbishment too?

Who Are Rene's Liverpool Painting and Decorating Technicians?

Only experts who are passionate about quality will perform your Liverpool painting and decorating service. These highly skilled, experienced, and background checked technicians will bring a host of industry standard tools with them including rollers, brushes, and pads to get your job done. Hire them today and get the results you deserve.