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It’s never been easier to schedule full property refurbishments in Liverpool – simply tell us what you need! We can provide you with a one stop shop regardless of whether you want us to work in a business building or private residence. All types of customers are welcome...

Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 020 3404 1626, by clicking on the chat prompt in the corner of your screen, or by filling out our booking form. Bear in mind, a final cost estimate can only be provided after an on-site survey has been completed.

Pick Rene's Property Renovation Services in Liverpool Because...

  • We can work weekdays, weekends, and Bank Holidays for you! Your property renovation service in Liverpool will be totally convenient
  • There are a wide range of services for you to choose from! You can actually have smaller services like our flooring or painting and decorating if it’s easier
  • You can get advice from an expert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • When you get your estimate it'll contain no hidden charges! And if necessary, certain aspects of your service can be changed to suit your budget
  • There’s really no task too unsubstantial or no job too large in scale! The specialists we work with can do it all

How Can Rene's Liverpool Property Builders Help?

Find out more about your Liverpool property builders here...

Wondering who’ll be helping you throughout the process? You’ll actually be given a dedicated account manager and on-site supervisor. Meaning you’ve always got someone to contact and speak to about your project.

Want to know how your estimate will be calculated? It’ll be done during an on-site visit from a professional – they’ll ask you to give your requirements, take pictures, and that’s not all. Following this survey you’ll get a quote that covers everything including the necessary labour and materials.

Would you like your team to adjust to certain conditions? They can work weekends and evenings if you work in an office, send you certified electricians and plumbers if you need them, and much more.

Who’ll Complete Your Liverpool Property Refurbishment?

Specialists who’ve completed hundreds of jobs throughout the local area. Why should you trust them? Because they’ve been fully vetted and background checked. Not to mention highly trained and fully insured. Why have we gone to all this trouble? Because the level of quality you receive during your Liverpool property refurbishment service is of the utmost importance to us – you’ll only get the best.