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Rene's Handyman Services For All Liverpool

Repair work. Maintenance jobs. Hanging and wall mounting. Furniture Assembly. These are just some of the jobs your expert handyman can carry out for you in the Liverpool area! Book a slot with us today to get the real results you require...

You’ll definitely be able to benefit. How can we be so sure? Because all different kinds of customers have taken advantage of our services and then recommended us to their family and friends – this includes not only private customers, but landlords, tenants, estate agencies, and even retail businesses. Want to join us?

Contact us on 020 3404 1626 and ask for your preliminary cost estimate. Don’t forget, your customer care professionals keep themselves reachable round-the-clock for your convenience. And you can also speak to them online via this website’s chat facility, or enter your details into our booking form to get a quick quote.

Rene's Specialist Handyman Services in Liverpool That Can Give You...

  • Weekday, weekend, and Bank Holiday time slots. Your handyman services can be performed whenever you like in Liverpool.
  • Special cost reductions. Make yourself eligible by scheduling a half day or full day slot, or adding at least two services to your order
  • Convenient cancellations and rescheduling. Just get in touch with us at least two days before your original appointment
  • Prices which contain no hidden charges. Connect with us now and get a quotation on the services you require
  • The results you deserve. You’ll find that customers and present have given our services positive reviews – see testimonials

About Rene's Liverpool Handyman Services

Here are three things you need to know about your Liverpool handyman service...

1. You can make the booking process more efficient

Note down the jobs that need to be performed in your property before you call. Also, take any pictures of the items and areas you think would be useful - anything that you want your handyman to take a look at.

2. The more information you give, the better your quote will be

Your customer care professional needs to know about all the tasks you want completed during your appointment. Make sure to leave nothing out. And what’s more, it would be greatly appreciated if you’d tell us how you’d like to pay, and describe the parking situation in the immediate proximity around your premises.

3. You’ll pay for an hour, and then every half hour that follows

Get the best possible deal by booking a half or full day appointment – you’ll qualify for a discount.

Your Handyman Has Experience Working Throughout Liverpool

The fully insured handyman who performs your Liverpool service will supply every last tool and product required to get your job done. You should know that this specialist has been trained in all manner of different fields, as well as health and safety techniques. Wondering what does this all add up to? A successful service.